Why a training plan is important

Why a training plan is important for your business

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Everyone speaks about how training and development can really promote the career for your employees. How training is good for their happiness, or the kind of training that you need to do for them to be happy at work. However, few articles speak about why a training plan is important, or how it can help you, and your business. As a business owner, or manager what you want is there survival of your company, not just that, but to be the first in your industry, right?

How do you actually achieve to be ahead of your industry?

There are many options, but it Is usually through your team, their ideas, and their knowledge that you get to achieve those results. What happens is that companies usually tend to respond on their training needs when they suddenly have the need of implementing a new project, or a new tool, or suddenly they see that their competitors are doing something different and they don’t know how to do it.

What to do then? Look for courses online? or go to the local University to see if they have a master about what your competitor is doing? you and me now but that usually doesn’t happen.

Universities courses, academies, learning institutions in general go an step behind what you will need. That will force you to be looking for someone who is an expert to come to your office, create a costly course and deliver it. Right there, you have lost six months, where your employees have not been fully trained to do what they were supposed to be doing six months ago.

Luckily, there is a way to solve your problems on this respect, you can plan in advance the training that your team will need. how to plan your training, it is all about doing a training analysis, it takes time, but it is worth it.

How a training plan can help your business.

1.     Your team will know but you have to plan ahead for them, increasing the retention and engagement.

Every single time that I have been involved in performance reviews and appraisals at any of the companies I have worked or collaborated for over the last 10 years the same thing has come across in a great percentage of employees. “I am not sure where my career is going” or “I don’t know if the company really values what I am doing here” “are they really counting on me for the future??”

Those are questions that might not be a problem for you right now, but it creates uncertainty. Uncertainty leads to “seeing what is around on LinkedIn”. That leads to “I am just doing interviews to see what is out there”, to having an actual offer… that might be better that their current conditions.

Only, because you had plans for them, but you never communicated them. Planning ahead and letting them know how their training will be aligned with your company objectives, it actually helps them to put them in perspective. They understand your plans and will fight for them.

2.    It will help you stay in ahead of your competitors

I imagine, that as part of your objectives, you may have something like “gaining market share” or “designing X,Y,Z products” or “increase our sales by XX% by the end of the next 3 years”. Create your training plan according to your objectives and design what your team needs to know in advance. Once you get to the point where you actually need the knowledge, or the skills, your employees will already have it!

Yes, I know, you might be thinking “what if I train them and they leave?” As the sentence that runs all over the internet says: “What happens if you don’t train them and they stay??”

3.    You will be able to find the best providers within the industry

And probably at the best possible price I’m plan with time as you will not be in a rush. Finding a provider is always about being in a better place to negotiate, no matter what the provider offers. If you are in a rush, you will not have time to select, or to negotiate prices. So, it Is always a good idea to do a training plan and analysis.

4.      It will save you money

As a summary of all the above, it will save you money in recruitment, bringing someone with the knowledge will be more expensive that someone internal who acquires the knowledge. It always is.

You will save in last minute actions in marketing to avoid losing market share from competitors who have actually done their homework with their learning and development area.

It will also save you money when it comes to the actual payment of the training you plan for your team. If planned in advance, you can even host it internally. In the end, planning, is always a good idea, but also when it comes to the development of your team.

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4 thoughts on “Why a training plan is important for your business

  1. Training program is really very important and every organization must conduct this session for their employees so that they learn new things and also brush up their skills that they are not good at. Thank you so much for sharing the importance of this training program.

    1. Thank you Bhuvi! Our pleasure. It is something that sadly is not often appreciated, so we try to help 🙂 Thank you for stopping by.

  2. I found it interesting when you talked about training plans and how they improve a business. In my opinion, any company could benefit from offering training programs for their employees! I believe it’s important to keep your teams updated and help them develop new skills! Thanks for the advice on how training programs help engage your employees.

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