what type of leader are you?

What type of leader are you?

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As an SME owner its important to know what type of leader you are in order to be effective and get your team to meet all their objectives. There are not special good or bad types (kind of) , the important part is to understand the positives points and those that you need to improve, so you can get as close as possible to the leader you need to be.

Managing your team and leading them is extremely important in every company’s size. However, it is crucial when your team is relatively small and you uterly depend on them.

To be the perfect leader you don’t need to be an specific type of leader, you just need to know which kind of leader you are and be aware of the benefits and negative aspects of it.

Adjust your style to obtain the more benefits you can, and be aware that you need to be true to yourself in order to be successful in the long run, so don’t try to change to be a democratic one if you tend to be authoritarian.

Many blogs, articles and books will explain how to lead your team, and it will be just one “perfect way”. From our point of view, there has been many successful ways of being a good leader, so find your type and make the most of it.

Blake & Mounton describe 5 type of leader in the results of their managerial grid. Find your type!

What type of leader are you?

Authoritarian leader:

Being authoritarian doesn’t mean that you mistreat your team, or treat them wrongfully. To the Authoritarian leader, people mean , in the work context, something similar to machines. They are human resources to the most literal meaning of the expression. They are just those who product the product or service of your company, and that is all!

For this kind of leader the leader’s responsibilities fall mostly under the design and planification of tasks.

You would usually have high interest in production and less interest in people and find those interests highly incompatible. Your style is to direct, plan and your team just execute. Your behaviour is mostly authoritarian and orders and obbedience are the main aspects of your leadership.

This type of leader could encounter problems when it comes to the most senior people in your team. Those that have the knowledge and experience and will not value just receiving orders.

Paternalist leader:

No explanation needed! the Paternalist believe every single of their employees need their help. They will always be worried about their team being “happy”. Production is something accessory to the absence of conflicts and good friendship. Sometimes with this kind of leader people may have the feeling that the business was just an excuse to have their place in society.

You have little interest in production and focus your effort in the interests of your subordinates. Your priority is that working conditions in the company are good and allow a good balance between their professional and personal life.

As a parternalist leader, the welfare of employees is placed above the fulfillment of their objectives.

Remember, employees are important, but without met objectives they may not have employment in the future. Take care of both sides, in the end, you are running a business and your responsibility is to make sure the business is sustainable in the long term.

Laissez-Faire leader:

As Laissez faire leader your view is that you can never achieve an efficient production. You think that people are lazy, apatic and indiferent towards work. Working relationships that are healthy and mature are really difficult to obtain in your opinion. The source of this is human nature and this is close to conflict. 

This can not be described as leadership as usual. It seems you may have an strong lack of interest in both ways, production and employees.

This is usually the behaviour of those of you who have accepted they are not a good leader. It also could be that you are not really interested in the project you have right now. However, if you have kept your company or your leadership role it would be fantastic that you review those aspects.

It is good to delegate and to avoid problems in the work place. However, sometimes you may need to take diffiucult decissions. It could be that some people are lazy or apatic, but you, as a leader need to take action and modify it.

Burocratic leader:

As a Burocratic leader you think that you must boost production, without excess. You have to give something to the team, but not everything. You have to be fair but firm.

The bureaucratic leader is characterized by seeking a balance between both interests. The boss tries to find a compromise between the interests of the production, and of the employees. They knows that exceeding to one side or another would cause difficulties either with his subordinates or with his bosses. 

It is the style of those who give priority to security: they do not compromise, and at the same time, they want to be effective, trying to obtain a higher than average performance.

Democratic leader:

To the democratic leader, production is something consequent to the integration of the demands of the task and the human factor, it is a unified system of interactions that tends towards the objectives of the organization

For this leader, this is only possible if the personal objectives of the workers are compatible with those of the company, that is, when the boss can integrate both within the situation in which they find themselves. 

In this case, maximum productivity is achieved, since the realization of the company’s objectives is linked to the achievement of personal objectives. 

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