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Training needs for the “Digital Talent”

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The Digital Talent. That is a big phrase that some people are not quite sure of what it really means. The “Digital industry” is growing and companies find it hard to keep up to date with all the new products and services that come out every day. So we thought, how do you plan the training needs for the Digital talent in your company? 

Digital Industry??

Not that long ago, we had the oportunity to speak to a freelancer who mentioned that he was extremely surprised on how some companies call themselves “Digital transformation agencies” and they are not even up to date on the latests amazon or google impovements. 

He mentioned that even one of those agencies printed their CV in paper for the meeting where they were going to talk about “revolutionary changes”. 

Unfortunately that is true, it happens every day. Is not that they are not professionals, it is just very difficult to stay up to date with all the latest tendencies.

Supporting the training needs for the Digital talent is extremely hard. Even with all the online training platforms available nowadays. How do you do it? Do you give your employees time within their working hours? Or would you expect them to do it on their own time. 

Chat with an Insider: Simon Mikail

To solve this questions, we wanted to have the oportunity to chat with someone within a digital marketing industry to learn from the inside what they are doing and to give you some ideas that you could apply to your company. 

We spoke to Simon Mikail, a Senior Project Manager at an Online Marketing Agency based in Los Angeles. Their industry is really competitive and an important key to survival is to be better than your competitors in a world that is constantly changing. 

At 405ads they have a team of 20 collaborators and it is a challenge to coordinate the training needs of all that Digital Talent. Creating a training plan for them is essential.

Simon mentioned to us that the level of service and experience is quite important in today’s successful digital marketing industry. Although internet marketing is a fairly new industry, the changes it experiences is very frequent. Being up to date on the latest ‘know how’s and ‘to do’s’ of the industry are something to consider and client’s look for this before hiring most marketing firms. So they have to prove their knowledge even before they start working. 

In their case, they can prove a differentiating point as they have worked in many different industries and that is a very strong point. Not only for them as a marketing agency, but for any company, Having employees who can prove adaptability will show strenght and will be able to give a better service to your clients. 

Simon Mikail also mentioned the level of attention to their clients accounts and their fast turnaround time. In order to do this, you need to be flexible and create amazing structures, but also to hire the best collaborators. 

How do you keep up to date with the new updates? 

At 405ads they train themselves on the latest know hows, follow industry trends which work, and attend conferences designated for internet marketing companies like ourselves. Paying for those conference can be expensive, in any industry, but it is worthit to have the latest knowledge. In the end that is the service of consultancies and Agencies like 405ads. 

Simon explained that they always train their team on not only the tasks on hand, buto rganization skills and communication skill. For instance, “we have certain internal programs we use for reliable communication which is both efficient and organized”, they also do some internal training on the software they use and their latest changes or the training provided by Gsuite. 

How much time do you dedicate to training as a team on monthly basis?

We have a meeting every 2 weeks reviewing performance and our internal procedures on how we can better ourselves for the next time should there be a situation we believe can be worked on. For them, the most efficient way to make sure their team is getting the best training is “In-person hands on training with supervisors on standby should there be


In case you want to look for some digital training for your team, check out our post with a list of options that may be intesresting for you. 

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