Researchers design a tool to measure ethical leadership

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Researchers design a tool to measure ethical leadership

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The dream of every HR professional is to have ethical leaders who will work towards the benefit of the company and their team. Unfortunately most of the times it is extremely complicated to find one of those, or at least to know for sure during the recruitment process.

Luckily, we might have a solution in the market anytime soon. A group of researchers is working on the design of a tool that allows to measure the ethical leadership of managers.

Are you an ethical leader?

Anyone who has a people management responsability role accross any organizations could have the possibility to know how ethical they or their team are. At the moment there is no validated model from a scientific point of view in this area worldwide.

The study is developed by the research group REGELO, from the International University of La Rioja (UNIR). And it was created in order to validate a questionnaire with which the departments human resources departments can measure the ethical leadership of professionals who are managing others.

“Developing ethical leaders is the best preventive system for any type of organization and for its own sustainability and future” , “Ethical leaders exist in all areas and levels of an organization, but it is essential that leaders and middle managers are in practice”, but, “to this day, there is no guarantee enough tool”.

Sofía Unda, Director of the research group

Unda recalled that there are studies that indicate the relationship between these leaders and business efficiency, but “the problem is that organizations do not have reliable tools” and, according to their data, “worldwide, there are no models validated from a scientific point of view of building the bases for this “.

Therefore, “It was necessary for an instrument to be designed to measure it and, depending on that, attract talent and develop it within the organization”. In additon to that “ethical leaders are professionals who know how to bring out the best in people, with what the profitability of the company is multiplied by twenty “.

In order to validate this model, the seven members of REGELO carry out a series of interviews with executives and middle managers of leading organizations in Spain within the educational, technological and tourism sectors.

“We want to see what they understand by ethical leadership and, specifically, in their sector, if there is a contextual factor that, in some way, conditions the exercise of such ethical leadership,” said Sofía Unda.

They also study how these professionals develop in their day to day, with their team, and the limitations they encounter, together with the point of view of their collaborators.

This qualitative study will conclude at the end of the year. Once the sixty interviews have been transcribed and content analyzed, through an advanced software, they will extract a series of generic or own conclusions of each sector.

These results can be included in the validation of the questionnaire that the researchers finalize and that will allow the departments of people management, human resources and talent to measure the degree of ethical leadership of professionals with responsibility in people management.

With it, in the long term, a system of training and certification of ethical leaders could be designed, according to Unda, whose desire is “to advance in the study and measurement of ethical leadership in multi sectoral organizations so that, in twenty years, more normal is to demand from the leaders and middle managers a certificate that endorses the quality of their ethical leadership “

At we are really eager to see the result!

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