Example of success: The Entrepreneur’s Guide

€ 14,000 in 8 hours. The Entrepreneur’s Guide, the tool to create businesses that has a tremendous success at Verkami, the creative crowdfunding. A real example of success for an start up, at least on their early stages.

This is the story of success of a well selected team. And therefore, at HR for SMEs we wanted to share it with you. It is an examples of what a good team can do. And… we loved the idea!

More than 300 sponsors have already participated in the campaign initiated by Joan Boluda. This campaign will remain open for 40 days. The success has been fulminating, achieving 100% of its goal in just forty minutes and showing that there are many people who want to take control of their professional lives.

How it happened

It is 07:07 in the morning of January 23 2018 and the funding campaign is open to the public in Verkami, a well-known crowdfunding platform. At 07:16 the sixty dedicated guides for the fastest buyers have already flown at 07:47, forty minutes after the launch, the € 5000 of the initial target is reached.

A seed project

The most impressive thing is that the guide does not even exist. Despite this small tiny detail, more than 500 copies have already been sold and the goal has been exceeded by more than 300%. This is how the magic of online marketing works when it joins forces with crowdfunding and a successful team. This type of system that not only allows financing, but also validates the market and measures the interest in a product.

On this occasion the product, an example of success, has pulverized all the forecasts. The agenda is now threatening to achieve a success that not even its creators had imagined. Equally surprising is knowing that Alex Martinez, Jaime de la Puente, Valentí Acconcia and Joan Boluda himself, marketing consultant and unstoppable generator of projects, do not take even one euro with this initiative.

All the funds will go without exception to produce the guide, which will be ready in the first weeks of April, just in time for International Book Day.

A good product definition

The idea has conquered a public eager to manage their professional life. The Entrepreneur’s Guide does not remain merely a motivational prelude, but goes directly into action, providing knowledge and exercises that allow each user to develop their business from scratch, from the search of the idea to the final release.

Phenomena like this show that something is changing in the labor paradigm: personal fulfillment begins to be non-negotiable when considering the future. Hence the growing demand for tools that facilitate entrepreneurship.

The guide will be available for purchase during 40 days at boluda.com/guia and promises to break into the lives of hundreds of entrepreneurs with an impact whose impact is still difficult to calculate. What is clear is that today the endeavor is in luck.

We updated this post in July 2019, and the website is alive now. https://guiaemprendedor.com/ At the moment we checked, they have sold over 3300 guides. Is in Spanish, so have a look if you speak the language.

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