Soft skills online training


Soft Skills Online Training

Soft skills are defined by the Collins dictionary as: “Desirable qualities for certain forms of employment that do not depend on acquired knowledge: they include common sense, the ability to deal with people, and a positive flexible attitude. “

Have you ever been on a situation where you or any of your employees could improve any of their personal soft skills? Jobs and careers are changing so rapidly that soft skills will be even more necessary than now in the near future.

Providing Soft Skills training to your team will not only improve their skills and their performance, but it will also improve your employee engagement. Most of the times, excellent professionals who are really good on the technical side, lack on the soft skills side, like management, assertiveness, or ability to delegate. This will make them better professionals, and improve your teams.

Therefore, as it is something that it could really change the way your company works, on this article we wanted to list for you a guide of reliable online providers, which have fantastic courses defined to help you and your team with those soft skills that could be improved.

Emeritus institute of Management

I landed on their site as they have a masters in Design Thinking from MIT that caught my attention. I ended up looking around to all the soft skills training that they have and I have to admit, it is pretty impressive. They offer very specific leadership and innovation programs from IVY league universities with video lectures and practical assignments in order to earn your certificate. Really worthwhile visiting their site if you are looking to promote your managers or executives into something elseo, or even if you feel you are lucking on any of these skills to be able to take your company to the next level.

Linkedin Learing platform

We are including Linkedin in all type of trainings as they really have a little bit of everything. However, they excel in Soft skills training. They have posted over 375 courses around leadership and management and more than 500 tutorials. I haven’t had the opportunity to evaluate them all 😉 but the ones I saw are really worth the price you pay monthly.

The fantastic thing about this platform is that you only pay a flat fee and they can join as many online courses as they wish and you can cancel whenever you want (unless you pay the yearly fee, that you will not be able to get it back. Anyhow, You can evaluate it free for a month, so you can check if they are the right course for you and cancel if is not.


I love coursera! I took my first coursera course back in 2012… and since then, I haven’t really stopped. Well, maybe over the summers or when I was doing my masters, but you get my point 🙂 If you like to keep up to date, Coursera is like going shopping, you enter, you look around, and there is always something interesting.

The excellent thing about coursera is that they have multiple kind of courses, from the short ones of around 8 hours to get familiar with the topic, to doing your degree or your masters from one of their available universities.

In terms of soft skills they have all sorts of courses, from entrepeneurship to the “learning how to learn”, which I belive to be really fantastic, to successful negotiation skills. As I said, it’s like going shopping 🙂

Their prices vary, obviously, but the most basic ones could be around $40 if you want the certificate, but you can also access to the free version of some of them if you only want to learn.

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