Remote working – Have you thought about it?

Remote working - have you thought about it?

This is just an editorial post. We wanted to share with you our point of view. We aim to influence a little bit your ideas about remote working and how they can benefit your company. So, if you keep reading, don’t say we didn’t warn you! This is purely an opinion. 

We write these article when the Coronavirus is fully hitting Europe  and arriving to America after a big wave in Asia closing China. 

This situation is having a big impact in all the economies and everyone’s life. It is stopping our way of living as we have known it for the last 50 years, where we could travel freely,  work with International companies, buy products from different countries, etc… 

Schools are closing and parents have to take care of the kids and I stay at home when possible. 

However if this pandemia has anything positive is that companies are discovering that they can allow their teams to work remotely. Obviously not every single company can do that especially if you have  a shop facing customers, or in restaurants. 

This might be an opportunity for everyone  to discover that it can be done. Working from home is a real option,  it doesn’t need to necessarily mean lazy Fridays. 

It has its benefits

You can keep up with your career while taking care of your family and having an a slower life. And let’s be honest, what is it better that working from your favourite place in the earth? 

The hastag #slowlife has been something allowed just to models and bloggers who could enjoy working few hours per day with a huge income. Happily, people will see now that reducing the commuting hours it allows you to go to the supermarket, spend more quality time with your family and have less stress moving around from point A to B. 

It is fair to say that those who have to be forced to do remote working these days, with their kids at home. Kids that are forced to be at home, without playing outside… it could be chaos. But anyhow, it is a good opportunity to try, and this situation will be (hopefully) not for ever.

Trust in remote working

We are aware that this is a big transition from not trusting your employees to believing that they will be working towards their objectives. But this is the key to the success of teleworking. Building objectives for each member of your team. 

In a previous post we wrote about how to do SMART objectives, so you can use it as a help if you haven’t done it before. 

Coming back to the main topic. Trusting is everything. Check that they are doing a good job and check that they have everything needed to do what they need. If they are not meeting objectives, have a conversation with them to explain that, in the same way as in the office, they need to be working towards their objectives. If they don’t do it, their role may not be needed… but it is about them doing their job, not just spending hours in the office. 

When it comes to working remotely, communication is usually an issue. However, you have tools like Asana, trello, slack or hangouts amongst thousands of other tools that will help you with that purpose. 

A good internet connection and a laptop should be enough to do their job! 

If is not about trust, think about all the supplies and bills that will be reduced if you allow them to work from home! 

In case we haven’t fully convinced you yet, it is a way to promote equality and diversity within your company. With remote working everyone who has a “different life”, or family, or study commitments could work for you. Even further, you could hire anyone whithin your country as they don’t have to go to the office…. Just THINK ABOUT IT!

If that is too much for you… think about those days where they have worked late and they just want to stay at home on the next day and work in Pijamas…. 🙂 Yes, we have gone too far with this one!! 🙂

Let us know if you have any further question about this so we can solve it in a new post! 

Thank you for reading! 

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