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12 Productivity tools for 2021

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An Small or Medium company needs to be constantly evolving and improving. For that reason we wanted to share some productivity tools for 2021 that could easily improve your team’s efficiency.

You may know some of them. Some others may be a discovery for you, but in the end, it is always a refresher of those things that you could be improving and at some point you forgot to do.

If you usually read HR for SMEs you know that we are very focus in productivity and efficiency, so… Now is as good time as any other!

What are the productivity tools for 2021 that you need to check?



If you haven’t heard about trello, you really need this list! You may have not used it, but you should know what TRELLO is. It is an amazing platform that helps you to organise tasks within your team. It is mostly used for projects. Inside Trello, each project is a board and has a collection of cards organized in vertical columns. You can use Trello to structure your workflow and manage your personal tasks or collaborate with team members to see what’s currently being worked on and who is working on. It is ideal for remote teams, and for anyone really.

Price: It is free with limited tools. If you want to increase users within the company (more than 10) you need to pay $9,99 per month. Not a bad price from our perspective


Asana is one of the most intuitive project tools that we have seen. It is not the cheaper one, but it is really easy to use and the one that most people use. Therefore, when you hire new people, it is most likely they have used it before.

What has been that good for us in the past within ASANA? You can do templates for the different projects and create them as new every time oyu have to start the same process again. Examples? a recruitment process, an onboarding process, or an exit interview.

Take the tick lists that we have created for you on the articles linked above and personalise them into your ASANA. Done! You don’t have to be creative anytime that something happens in the company.


Workflowy is a much simpler project manager. It is a TO DO manager. You create a to do and can create instructions and notes based on it. The basic package is free and the Pro version is $49 per year.

Life changers

In this section we want to show you those tools that you will love or hate. There is no possible middle option 🙂

They will control you and tell you what to do, but they will help you understand how much time you really spend doing different tasks or time working without interruptions.

If you are an entrepeneur, these tools will CHANGE YOUR LIFE

Rescue Time

RescueTime is one of those that could really help you to identify those tasks that consume most of your day without yocomm realising it

Price: If you want the basics it is free (for ever) the bad news is that once you start using it you want it all! it could go up to $6 per month just for you, or vary if you are using it for your whole organisation!

Seriously, try it!!


Pommodoro is a very old technique and there are dozens of apps online and on google chrome that you can add. The one that we like the most is Marinara: Pommodoro Assistant.

The pommodoro technique will be very useful to you if you are one of those who can not concentrate or can not stay with just one thing for more than 30 minutes. It creates an alarm on your chrome browser and it schedules resting times and focuss times.

Perfect for those who don’t really control what they do with their time.

They are usually free (at least the basic features)


Writesmonkey focusses on the same objective that the ones above (Rescue time and Pommodoro) but takes a little bit more control over what you are doing 🙂

It is good for those writing projects. So if you have a blog, have to write a proposal to a client, or you are a journalist… try Write Monkey. How does it work? Once you open it, it turns your screen into a full size writing screen. You will not be able to do anyithing else… so GOOD WRITING TIME!

And the best part! IT IS FREE!!!! (they accept donations though)


Good bye to Personal assistants or admin people just booking time in your agenda. Calendly came to stay. How does Calendly work? you give them access to your calendar, book the times that you want to be available for external or internal meetings. So you can say… meetings just in the mornings, or afternoons…. or NOT NEXT WEEK.

Once you give them access, they app sees what is available in your agenda, you select the time for each type of meeting. 15 minute call? Long interview with a senior candidate- 90 minutes?

Say good bye to all those emails exchanging possible hours for a meeting.

Create a link, send it and the other person will be able to book the meeting in your calendar without you wasting time or paying a P.A. This is one of the real LIFE CHANGER productivity tools.

Click Meeting

Click Meeting helps companies to organise webinars for their trainings, onboarding plans, marketing meetings, or even if you are organising a sales meeting.

We have used it mostly to do online training and online live onboarding, but it is one of the easiest tools we have never used, which is great specially if you are not comfortable with this kind of tool. It can be integrated, it is available in many languages and you can even create assistance certificates if you are doing training!

Prices go from 22 Euros to personalised solutions if you are looking for something bigger.


We just discovered this app while doing some research for this article, but it seems like another life changer productivity tool for us. Similar to ASANA or workflowy, but it is free and much simpler.

Online collaboration tools

Gsuite – google

Google is not just GMAIL, so if you have an small company, you may want to have a look to the options that GSUITE give you.

The admin user side is very user friendly. And that is specially good when your small team doesn’t have an IT person or someone very “techie”.

Hangouts gives you the possibility to communicate in remote and drive is the same as your personal gmail account, with the only difference of being able to create shared drives where to share. Again, a simple and easy option. From our point of view, productivity tools should be easy to use!

Price: starting at $6 dollars per month and user.


You could see zapier as a Project management tool also. However, for us their stronger point is in how they make easier the online collaboration.

What Zapier does? They help you connect your web apps and automate daily tasks.

You can choose from hundreds of web apps, including Gmail, Evernote, Google Calendar, Dropbox, Asana, Basecamp, MailChimp, Trello, SalesForce and more. Zapier allows you to automate tasks like receiving SMS notifications for new email or creating Trello cards from Evernote entries. In summary, they avoid some of the tedious tasks of the project manager and make easier everyone’s day to day. If you think that your team has too many admin tasks derivating from managing projects, this may be a good tool to try!

Their price goes from free with up to 100 tasks. $19,99 per month with up to 750 tasksan and up to $600 for big corporations.

As we said above, try it in case it can help you reducing time from your team and avoiding hiring an admin person. Remember, in recruitment, it is always important to value if you can automate the task instead of hiring.

Personal efficiency


Evernote has been around for a long time. From our perspective it is a combination of many of the google aps in one, so it is one of the productivity tools that could help you most if you get the habit to use it. It is a huge time-saver and a great productivity tool. You can store your ideas, links, audio notes and favorite places for information.

One of the great things about Evernote is that you can use it on desktop and / or mobile and sync your data across all devices and take your notes with you everywhere. So the next time you are going on the bus, or having a coffee with a friend and you inspiration comes, you can just write it or record it here (yes, voice messages too) with Evernote and transcribe them later.

Price: as many of the others, the basic is free. Premium is $45 per year

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