Best Online Learning sites for your employees

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Best Online Learning sites for your employees

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We are so used to read about online learning that we take it as something standard that is common in our lives. Posts on LinkedIn, every influencer, no matter what topic they speak about… they have an online course that promise you to convert you into the new expert and guru on the matter.

It looks like online learning has been converted into the low quality training that anyone can fabricate in 10 minutes and charge you 1000 dollars/euros for it.

However, we want to reivindicate how there are some explendid courses and trainings out there that are really worth it. It is true that not all of them might be what you are looking for. We want to use this article and the ones linked to it to prove that there are some wonderful benefits of online training and some wonderful platforms that you need to investigate and try.

Please, don’t forget to do your training needs analysis before going crazy and purchase all the courses available about a topic. If you read this blog often you know that we are obsessed with analysing and doing things for a reason.

TIP: If you are looking for a masters, we might not be giving you the content you need, we will be talking about those specialised courses and training that can help you or your team into getting the professional knowledge that you need without necessarily doing a 2 year course.


It might seem that Online training is the solution to everything. However an studied carried out by the Joint Research Center of the European commision proved that the low predisposition to the use of information and communication technologies ( ICT) is one of the barriers that open education has found.

Some generations find it natural, but if your team is a diverse team, you might find that some people in your team have no interest, or even the capacity to learn from a computer. They actually need pen and paper.

It also needs focuss capacity, and this is something that we are losing with the access to all diferent platforms. Going to a classroom where the teacher is actually looking at you used to avoid distractions (most of the times). However, by learning infront of the screen, it means that the browser could be opened with Facebook, twittter, the latest news, etc… and you could end up listening to someone in the background and not actually learning a word.

Some of them are cheap… some of them might end up being scam. Be really careful and investigate before you pay for any kind of course online. Research is always good!

What you could learn with online training platforms

New systems, new technologies, new legislations, Chinese, Spanish… there is always something that you and your employees will have to catch up with. The times when you stopped studying after university are finished now and we all have to update our knowledge to provide the best service to our clients and employers.

However, we are aware that while owning or working at an Small or Medium company is hard to keep up. Specially hard if you work in an industry where technology is specially affecting. Let´s be honest, technology is affecting every single industry. From a new accountancy program to the new technological unicorn that will change how you interact with your customers.

It is extremely important for the subsistance of your small business that your team keep on top of every new update or “know how” that changes. Why? We leave in the era of knowledge. Knowledge will make you different to your competitors.

Not only to your competitors, but candidates are also interested to know about who their colleagues will be, and how their training plan will be implemented.

More and more, candidates select employer based on the quality of the training that they will receive in the future organisation. A good salary package is important, but time for learning or the payment of different courses to update their knowledge is a perk that they keep requesting in interviews and appraissals, specially in the tech industry.

For these reasons we thought to do a list of what we belive to be the best online learning sites.

Depending on what you aim to give them or train them at, a face to face solution could be a good opportunity. However, an online learning site could be the best solution for small and medium companies.

Onlie courses and qualifications are a good opportunity to learn from a comfortable place, your daily commute, or your lunch break. These benefits make online courses a good option if you need your employees to free you up from some responsibilities. If you are not able to delegate, there are also some courses about delegation 🙂

Courses that your team could do online

Luckily we live in times were almost everything can be learnt online if you know were to go. Some people believe that there are certain activities that can be only to taught face to face. However, COVID-19 has proved that even face to face could be fun, for most of the situations, you are able to learn online if the training is good enough and comes from a reputable organisation or platform.


To make your search easier for your small or medium organisation we have created a list and a series of articles where we analyse those courses that are highly reputable or could add something different to your company that you might not now it was outthere.

We have divided the best online learning sites into different topics so you find exactly what you are looking for and exactly what is perfect for you or your team. If you don’t find the answer or what you are looking for, please, do not hesitate to contact us and we will try to help you as much as we can.

In this article you will find access to the following list of courses and platforms

  • Online Computing Courses
  • Soft Skills Courses
  • Digital Marketing Courses
  • Other courses that might be interesting

Online Computing courses

More and more professionals are looking now to increase their skills in computing, coding, basic offimatic or just making themselves more effective by the use of online tools. We have created a separated post with a list of specific online training places that will help you to support your employees or even yourself in learning about web programming, coding, photoshop, or whatever you require for your business.

Soft Skills courses

Soft skills are those, that without an specific knowledge, will help you to be a better professional and achieve your objectives.

From time management, to leadership, to design thinking or team management, we have created a post with a list of some of the most reputable online training providers for soft skills

Digital Marketing Courses

Your digital marketing team might be experts on what they do, but you might not have a full team and need your employees to train on some skills and abilities for digital marketing or just get up to date with the latest innovations.

On the platforms and courses that we propose here you will find a variety of places where they can actually get trained in anything related to this field.

Online training providers for specific technical knowledge


For me, it is one of the best platforms I have seen for work related skills. The courses are complete and high quality, but they go to the point while being clear and enjoyable (within the topic of learning)

Their educational programs come from well known and recognised universities and learning centres, and their topics go from basic topics on computer science to history, legislation, finance, health & safety, so you can have them as a very complete provider of choice for your company.

Your employees will have a free access to the course while is live and 14 extra days. If they need the certification or longer access they can pay the price of the course, which varies on each course.

If you want to chose an only provider to provide knowledge updates to your employees. This online training platform is one of the most complete.

Become a better manager with online courses from FutureLearn. Join for free.

360 Training

360 Training offers courses from basic maths, to geometry, statistics, algebra, biology or macroeconomics.

They are focussed in online professional certifications for US professionals, from mortgage training, to real state. They have specialised in providing certificates to specific professions within the US. Their platform is simple and their courses are easy to go through.


On a more basic scale, we are really supportive with this fantastic platform that helps with distance learning and the basic school knowledge. Unfortunately not everyone has access to basic education and if your staff can not evolve due to lack of basic knowledge, please visit this site and you will be glad you did it.

When training online, it is easy to get lost in searching for the perfect course. Sometimes there isn’t. However, we have tried to bring you some of the best online education websites with a combination of courses and levels. If you know any other distance education programs that could be useful for our readers, please do not hesitate to contact us and we will be happy to evaluate it.

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