Online Learning – Digital Marketing courses

Online Learning – Digital Marketing Training

Everyone can have a website and have a presence online. However, how you use that presence, if you do a proper analysis of it, if the adverts you publish are attracting the right people or whether if they are really converting into your objectives, is something that not everyone knows how to measure or to achieve.

For that, you need real professionals to do it, with a very up to date knowledge of how every single platform is changing and the changes you need to do to keep your online presence effective.

Fortunately, there are plenty of courses and platforms that can help you with Digital marketing training. As there are too many platforms out there, we have done a summary of the ones that we believe to be the better ones.

Enjoy learning!


Even though edureka is mainly focus on technical training, their Digital Marketing Courses have been really well valued by their users. They have a certification in Digital Marketing and another one in Measuring social Media. This one has been specially recommended by their users.


As Edureka, Simplilearn focusses on the technical side of training, like big data, AI, Data Science, etc… it is very true that analytics and Data are very related to Digital Marketing nowadays. At Simplilearn they have developed a series of really well structured online trainings that could take you to be an expert in the matter if you wish to.

From Digital Marketing 101 to Social Selling to Pay per click or advanced content marketing, without forgetting a classic 🙂 DIgital Transformation for leaders. They are all certified, and the most important thing from my point of view, there are two ways of learning.

Self paced learning, which is usually cheaper and the one with live lectures. In some cases these live lectures are changed for Corporate solutions that you could provide to your employees if needed.

728x90 Digital Marketing Specialist


They developed a fantastic platform that offers free online courses for everyone to get up to speed for free. Obviously, they are teaching about how Google works, but if you have a business with online presence, there are no excuses now to not know the basics. (Check if this is working in your country)

From general online marketing skills, to analytics, adwords or machine learning. If you are a computer user there is no excuse not to be trained on the google tools thanks to their online training.

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