key hr processes

Key HR processes

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When you are an small or medium organisation that doesn’t have a dedicated HR department, or an start up building for the first time your HR process it is important to know that the key HR processes are. Why? So you can focuss in building them first.

Before we start listing them for you, we just want to clarify that it is extremely important aligning them to what you want to achieve as a company.

HR processes for the shake of HR processes will not only make your life more difficult but it will probably upset your employees.

How do you align these HR processes to your objectives?

You know in HR for SMEs, we focus on making the right questions. That will give you the right answer.

  • What is the reason for you to be doing these Key HR Processes?
  • What do you want to achieve?
  • How is that going to help you achieving your yearly objectives or aims as a company?

No, they don’t have to make more sales for your company, but they will need you to run more efficiently so you can serve your customers as you want. That is the ultimate objective of your company, right? and doing money! 🙂


HR processes should be implemented step by step. Don’t over do it if you want them to actually be implemented and maintain without you having to remind them everytime something happens.

So, HR processes are not just the policies you implement, but also the way that you do things. How efficient they are and how you want to do them everytime that a process happens.

In this list you will only find those that are absolutely essential to any company. We can not emphasize this enough. Please don’t write policies and procedures that will stay on your shared folder without anyone ever looking at them. If you are taking the HR side of your company seriously, do them once at a time.

So first things first.

HR Recruitment Process

The recruitment process in HR Management is the first thing that you would have to deal with. How to hire people. If this is the first recruitment process that you are doing, you might not be thinking in building a process from the very beginning. In the end, you are not that experienced…

However, it is extremely important that you build your process from the very beginning. Visit our post on recruitment process and you will have a better idea of the steps that a full perfect recruitment process looks like.

However, even if you have this post, write your own process. Use this first recruitment to write what it worked for you and what it didn’t. How you need to improve and what it failed. A process should always evolve, it is not something fix.

A HR process is the guideline to do things the best way possible  

Use a tool like Asana, or even a google doc to write the points of what you did and improve it from there. It might not be the best one from the very beginning, but it is a way to share with people in your team how it is done.

Why is important to stablish a recruitment process from the very beginning?

Whether if you are solentrepeneur or one out of 5 owners, you need to make sure that everyone will pass the same message about the company and the role to the prospect candidates.

You don’t want candidates to have a different experience everytime they do a recruitment with a different member of the team. Will your partner evaluate based in different aspects of the job description you created? . The feeling they get on their recruitment process will you will impact your brand and the relationship you have with them, so you better think it ahead. If you are working on this, please read our article on building a recruitment process.

HR Onboarding process

The onboarding process might seem like something you can improvise, but is not. The good thing about building an onboarding process that grows from the very beginning is that you can always record it and make it automatic.

Again, building a HR process doesn’t have to be perfect or exactly like the one that Google does. It has to be adapted to what your new employees need to know when they join the company.

However, even if you don’t do a complicated onboarding, it is always a good idea to do a process as a Trello or Asana project. Create the points, build the information or handbooks that you have provided and save it there.

You can always review it for the next people to join your company and increase it when necessary, but it will definetely help you if you decide to record and structure it as a process.

HR Firing process

Yes, it is very to the point, but if you need to do only the basic procedures in your company, you definetely need these 3. Hiring, training and firing. All the others come as you grow.

How to do a good dismissal process it depends on your country and legislation. We don’t recommend you invest time on this unless you have to let someone go in your company. However, when the time comes… and it will come, it is extremely important that you have a good and standard process. It is important that it doesn’t look improvised.

The most important thing is that you do it fairly, and that the rest of your employees have the impression that if it happens to them, you will act gracely and fairly.

It is not just about the people you let go, but about the people that you keep and the people that you will hire in the future. In our post about Exit interviews we talk about this more in detail. However, just think about the impact that will have on future candidates to see, on pages like Glassdoor, that you treated badly and employe.

There are other HR processes, but they might not be key to your business at an early stage.

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