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Indeed and ApplicantStack partner to make the screening process easier

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A recruitment process can be full of steps and automating some of them it always seems a good idea. ApplicantStack, an Applicant tracking system that had so far agreements with platforms like Glassdoor, announces a strategic partnership with one of the major job sites, Indeed. It will provide their useres seamless access to Indeed Assessments.

They have a platform that helps employers automate the screening process so they can make faster candidate evaluations based on their needs. As they mentioned on their press release, clients also gain access to Indeed Assessments’ library of over 50 ready-to-go and custom assessments which they can use to screen candidates for skills related to the jobs they are applying.

“Our partnership with ApplicantStack makes it easier for employers to quickly gain a dynamic view of a candidate’s job qualifications using assessments as an additional dimension to evaluate candidates,”

“Now employers can benefit from evaluating candidates without leaving the place where they are already making their hiring decisions.”

Raj Mukherjee, SVP of Product at Indeed.

Here is howApplicantstack works:

From within the Indeed Assessments platform, clients will have the opportunity to create an assessment package tailored to the exact job for which they are hiring. After that, the client will be able to select that assessment package from within ApplicantStack and either send it to individual candidates or push out the assessment automatically when a candidate hits a predefined stage in the hiring process. As the candidates take the assessments, clients will see their scores populate in ApplicantStack and can return to Indeed Assessments for additional details, if needed.

“Our new Indeed Assessments partnership is vital to our customers’ hiring success,”

“This integration not only provides a smooth experience for the job seeker taking the assessment, but it also makes for a seamless process for our clients.”

Nathan Shackles, founder and CEO of ApplicantStack.

Indeed is one of the most well known job boards globally and it has the option to post your jobs for free if wanted, so it can always help you to promote your new vacancies.

At HR for SMEs we love that technology evolves and partners to help the entrepeneur’s life. However, please note that as we mentioned in our article “Recruitment process – Step by step”, It is extremely important that you have a clear thought about your company needs before start reading cvs or you could get distracted by brilliant cv’s that don’t fit your current needs.

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