List of free job posting sites for employers

List of free job posting sites for employers in 2022

If you are looking to recruit new members of the team you might have seen 2 things already. Attracting candidates is hard and expensive. Luckily, there are certain places that can help you to improve that situation. This article will show you a list of free job posting sites for employers. Hopefully this will help you to improve your candidate attracion and it will reduce the cost of it. It is not the solution for all your recruitment problems, but it helps.

However, remember that a good recruitment process starts by analysing exactly what you need. Not only that, but to analyse how much you could afford to pay them now and in the future so you are able to find the perfect match for the role.

Once you have a clear idea about what you need, your focus should be to attract as many good candidates as possible. This could be expensive, specially if your employer brand is not well known so far.

For that reason, we wanted to introduce you to some of the best free job posting sites for employers that you can find.

We recommend that you look to all the options, as some of them might be a simpler option for you. Also, some of these free job boards will be external and well known, and some of them will be within your own company or network. Keep reading 🙂


Create your own Applicant Tracking System (ATS)

Yes, this is not an external advertising place, we know it. However, it is the best way to start improving your attraction and the way that you manage your recruitment process and your employer branding. Managing the relationship with candidates, being able to make notes and send them automated emails when a similar role comes up.

An ATS usually helps you to create your own “careers page” at your website. This will help to increase the awareness of your company, as a company and as an employer. Once you do it, analyse the visits of your page and see how many visitors you have coming from the careers page. You will be surprised.

Once you have done this, make sure you redirect all the adverts you place externally to that page. It is true that not all of them allow you to do it, but at least you can always place the link, or ask Candidates to apply through it. If not possible, use the job board platforms to receive CVs, but it will be more manual to manage the profiles and candidatures.


Promoting your business and the job opportunity through an external job board or through your own careers website. It usually has a cost associated to it. However, there are several places where you can and should be posting your adverts.

Your Linkedin page

LinkedIn should be on the top of your list of free job posting sites for employers. Your network is always the best place to advertise that you are hiring. On top of that, they will know the culture and will be able to recommend the right kind of people for your team.

0000Publish a post saying that you are hiring and link it to the job advert on your careers site. Linkedin advertising is fantastic, but it could be very expensive. So if you have a tight budget, do it this way and publish on some of the places below to attract more people.

The rest of your social media, Facebook, twitter, etc..

Even when they are not focussed on employment, they usually attract people who are already interested in your brand, so it is always a good way to do it. Spread the word and try to get as much public as possible. In the end, the people who follow your brand will be probably involved with your industry, so… you might have a bigger possibility to get to more candidates.


There are some online platforms where you can post your job openings for free if you are not willing to pay the price of the famous ones and they help you attract candidates in the same way. Below you have some international job boards that allow you to post for free at least once and that will help you in the search of the perfect candidate for you.

Please note that you may have some local ones in your country. We will expand the list as soon as we get to know more, so if you want to share your knowledge on a particular country please contact us and we will publish it for our readers.

Every job hunter gets registered at different platforms to get job alerts. That allows them to be able to participate in the hiring process from the very beginning if the job post is aligned with their interest. For that reason, doing a good advertisement is kee to succeed on free advertising. A good job description may be the key to success in finding your qualified candidates.


Mighty Recruiter

This is a free ATS that posts adverts for free in other platforms. It is not a job portal as such, but it can help you simplifying your search.

Good things: It is very simple to use and it is a good ATS to start with. If you are looking for a quick help, this might be your software.

Not so good: you are not in control of candidates, as it is not your database, and they post for you, so you are not in control or where, how and when. If you are looking for something long term, we recommend you use your own ATS and spend 1 hour publishing in other platforms, or the ones mighty recruiter use to advertise. Why? In the long term having control is always better.


Indeed may be the most popular one. From our experience, Indeed may not be the platform that brings you the most selected candidates. So if you are looking for a very experienced role, a manager, or a technological position, it may not be the place. However, it is a really good place to advertise for admin, finance, hr, customer service, entry level jobs, etc…

Good things: It is free, and you usually receive a big volume of CV, spreading the word about the role. If you are just starting and your brand is not known, and/or potential candidates will not visit your own careers site, it is a good place to start.

Not so good: They don’t allow you to redirect to your careers site automatically. This means that you receive the CV on an email, or through their platform. Unfortunately you will not be able to construct your database or manage cvs in an efficient way.


Jooble is a job aggregator. They collect all existing vacancies in one place. Unfortunately, at the moment Jooble does not provide direct job posting services in countries like USA or UK. They collect job position all over the internet. Their search robot works in the same way as any other search engine (e.g. Google). So Google indexes all pages of someone’s site, as a result they can receive users.

Even though they are not allowing job posting in USA or UK or Germany, there are some other countries like the following where you can post:

Spain, France, Italy, Ukraine, Czech republic, Hungary, Norway, Sweden, Bulgaria, Belarus, Romania or Poland amongst many other. Check your country.

They have free and paid options and the main difference is that premium job positions gets premium traffic exposure and number of conversions. Also, jobs sponsored comes with golden tag.

JORA is really similar to indeed, available in many countries and free to post unless you want to sponsor the add.

GLASSDOOR Glassdoor could be considered the tripadvisor for the labour market. At Glassdoor, employees give their feedback about recruitment process, salaries and work environment. Candidates and employers get registered and you can publish a job for free. You also have to get ready to receive feedback about the company by your employees and candidates.


Their main page looks a lot like Indeed. They don’t have their own platform to advertise, but they advertise in different platforms for you. It has an option of searching for candidates. It looks outdated. We did a research for copywriters in Madrid and the only profile that came up was updated in 2014. We haven’t used it, so we can not say how it really works, but they advertise it as free, and it is always an option to try.

Simply hired is a well known platform. What they do is simple, it is an agregator of offers from many other platforms for candidates and from the employer perspective, it allows you to post the role once and they will also advertise it in different job boards to attract candidates. As we have said with, try it and see if is worthit for you.

Job Inventory it is sinilar to the 2 above. Nothing extra to add


Ladders This job board is free, however, the promoted jobposts seem more expensive than usual. They advertise as “Job search site for $100K + jobs” so it could be a good place for you to advertise the high profile roles of your SME. It seems that they also focus on the US.



If you are looking to hire an intern, trainee or a recent graduate, your local university may be the best solution for you. Most of them post adverts for free to promote the employability of their students and alumni. Therefore, promoting your advert on their career site may be a good opportunity for students to apply to your role.

In the long term, you could chose your favourite one, if you have several universities in your local area. The best way is to evaluate the percentage of good candidates that you had from each of them. Then, focus your effort in a couple of them rather than all of them. Remember that is also good that they see that you are selective.

Handshake works mainly in the US and connects students with employers. It is free for employers. If you are looking for graduates in the US, this might be your site. Actually, our editor, Mercedes GarcĂ­a has used this once. Her words were “A very effective platform for the Niche”. It is not the most user friendly platform but is perfect for those of you looking for candidates coming from the gaming industry. It was a forum that opened a job platform. Try it if you are looking for someone in the gaming niche.


Learn4good is an international website that focusses in attracting students to your junior roles. If you post it here you will receive applications from people all over the world looking for their first opportunity! It could be a source of great talent if you write the correct job description and do the right filtering.

REMOTE JOBS, they are not free forever, but they allow you to try up to 5 job postings for free. Which is a fantastic way of attracting candidates and see if is the right place for you or not. They are one of the top places where to advertise remote work and most people looking for a role of that kind end up submitting their CVs there it’s a platform that is not that well known. However, it allows you to search for candidates who want to look for a remote work. If this is your case, you will be able to place a free advert and direct the advert to your career site. It has proven to be efficient and to attract a good quality of candidates. is a platform focussed on the start up community. As a platform has different areas and one of them is recruitment. The platform is not the best one from an usability perspective, but it attracts candidates from all over the world for many different with a wide variety of profiles. It doesn’t allow you to redirect, but it links to your site as a profile, so it helps promoting the brand in a certain way.

Freelancers & Contractors

We have written an specific article about this topic with a great comparison of the best platforms for freelancers and contractors, if you are looking for them, all the information is on the article.

Next STEPS for your recruitment process

Once you have attracted the your candidates, so know you can follow the steps of a good recruitment process and make sure you don’t make any mistakes when hiring your next employee.

Piece of advise: Before you start any recruitment, create your ATS, there are many that are free, and it will allow you to handle things easily without getting stressed out.

Now you know how to advertise for free. If you have an small budget you may find useful this article on how to improve your talent attraction.

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    1. Hi Matthew! Thanks for commenting in the post. They usually do. However, they may pass a filter and only publish the offers that are really aligned with what they promise to their students. Remember that one of the selling points of most universities is employability, so it’s on their own benefit to promote local offers as much as possible. Also, you might find that most of them just publish internally, on their intranet, and then direct preselected candidates to you, so you might not be able to manage the job post as you wish, but it will bring you candidates and improve your presence as a local employer if you manage it properly.

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