Is your SME growing? Someone is leaving and you need to replace them?

Whether if you are looking for an intern or a full time employee, we understand you may be looking for someone who is job hunting in your circle initially. However, depending on the role that you may be looking for, you may need to look for someone externally

Promoting your business and the job opportunity through an external job board or through your own careers website, it usually has a cost associated to it.

However, there are still some online platforms where you can post your job openings for free if you are not willing to pay the price of the famous ones.

Below you have some international job boards that allow you to post for free at least once and that will help you in the search of the perfect candidate for you.

Please note that you may have some local ones in your country. We will expand the list as soon as we get to know more, so if you want to share your knowledge on a particular country please contact us and we will publish it for our readers.

Every job hunter gets registered at different platforms to get job alerts and be able to participate in the hiring process from the very beginning if the job post is aligned with their interest.

You can check on a previous post how to do the perfect recruitment process, but it is important that as an SME owner, you remember that you need to find the perfect candidate, and in order to do that, you need define what you need. It looks like a simple task, but is not that easy.

I mention this, because on free advertising a good job description may be the key to success in finding your qualified candidates.



Indeed may be the most popular one. From my experience, Indeed may not be the platform that brings you the most selected candidates, so if you are looking for a very experienced role, a manager, or a technological position, it may not be the place. However, it is a really good place to advertise for admin, finance, hr, customer service, entry level jobs, etc…

Good things: It is free, and you usually receive a big volume of CV, spreading the word about the role. If you are just starting and your brand is not known, and/or potential candidates will not visit your own careers site, it is a good place to start.

Not so good: they don’t allow you to redirect to your careers site automatically, which means that you receive the CV on an email, or through their platform, but you will not be able to construct your database or manage cvs in an efficient way.


Glassdoor could be considered the tripadvisor for the labour market, where employees give their feedback about recruitment process, salaries and work environment. Candidates and employers get registered and you can publish a job for free. You also have to get ready to receive feedback about the company by your employees and candidates.


If you are looking to hire an intern, trainee or a recent graduate, your local university may be the best solution for you. Most of them post adverts for free to promote the employability of their students and alumni. Therefore, promoting your advert on their career site may be a good opportunity for students to apply to your role.

In the long term, if you have several universities in your local area, you could even evaluate the percentage of good candidates that you had from each of them, and focus your effort in a couple of them rather than all of them. Remember that is also good that they see that you are selective.

Once you advertise for free, and if you have an small budget you will also find useful this article on how to improve your talent attraction.

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