Do you have a good company culture?

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Do you have a good company culture?

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Everyone who speaks about the culture of a company expect those who are listening to fully understand what they are saying. Unfortunately that’s not always true. How do you know if you have a good company culture?

How do you know from just looking at your team what is the culture of it? What is “The culture”? Would you be able to say just from the pictures below what is the culture they have and if they are friends or hate each other? Could you say if they work closely? or wether if they are individualistic?

Probably you can not do that. The reason for it is that the culture is not just something you can change or you can build in one day. And it is, definitely, a very bad metric to measure in HR as it is a very astract concept.

What is the culture of a company?

Deal & Kennedy defined Company Culture in 1982 as “The individual and collective values, norms and beliefs which may manifest themselves in behaviours. It is hard to define and can be perceived by different stakeholders in different ways” “IS THE WAY WE DO THINGS

Why having a good company culture is important?

Culture plays a vital role in influencing and shaping the behaviour of individuals in the organisation. It ensures an organisation can adapt to its constantly changing environment. It can define the level of social interaction between employees and enforces the employer brand. All this, only if you do a good work.

What are the key factors that are really affecting how you describe the culture of your small and medium business? 

For some experts it’s all about the way that you communicate,  whether if there is a good atmosphere, or if you give them for a food. 

Some other experts focuss  on the negative aspects what happen within your company.  however it’s not that easy. would love to say it is, Don’t get us wrong, but  luckily, it is not just about one thing. the culture of your company it’s about the combination of things,  and if you believe your company culture should be different, keep reading and we will try to give you a further explanation of the things  that you could focus on in order to improve it. 

However, we have to give you some good and bad news: The PEOPLE in your company make the culture. You can only change the culture as much as you can change them and yourself.

It is not only about the company. Some other issues also affect the culture.

The Cultural Layers are something that really affect everyone in your company, and you would have to take that into account when trying to make changes. The reason? You will not be able to change everything, so focuss your efforts in those things that you can really change.

What can I change in my business’ culture?

If you are the business owner,  whatever you say or do, what people think how about you will affect the way they interact with each other  and with your customers. 

What most intrapreneurs don’t realise,  is that any small actions affect what others do.  We would not be able to give you a list of things that you need to change in your company,  because that will need to be based phone your objectives, and the things you went to achieve as a business.

  • Communication: Clear messages
  • Clear instructions
  • Do acts have consequences in your company? 
  • Are you afraid of telling them off? Or do you tell them off very often? 
  • If they don’t care about the company anymore? why is it? what are they reacting to? DOes the company care about them? 

The people and therefore, the culture of a company are like a family. They react to stereotypes, but also to things that happened in the past. Don’t just think that they are reacting to you not giving them holidays like that just for that matter. It might have something to do with you cutting the bonus, and not giving them holidays…. 

Or if they don’t really listen to you anymore? Do their actions have consequences? Do you react when something wrong happens? Do you do an analysis and see if the responsible person has something to improve? 

Do they receive any kind of comment? Do the others see that no matter what, people receive bonus even if they are not performing well? Why should they work hard if that happens? 

If after reading this article you feel that you need to renovate your company culture, here you have a previous post that could help you.

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