Dentists incorporate the X Guide robot for guided surgery facilitating their staff daily routine

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Dentists incorporate the X Guide robot for guided surgery facilitating their staff daily routine

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That technology is changing the world, that we know, that is changing how your employment or your employees will be, we also know that. We wanted to share with you the case of a dental clinic in North Spain that shows how guided surgery is changing the way they work.

Clininca Bustillo say that they have incorporated one of the latest innovations for dental implantology. This is the X Guide robot for guided surgery, which represents a qualitative change in implant treatments. They have included this device in its daily practice. It has involved a significant effort on the part of the team to integrate it into work protocols, and the results are still very satisfactory.

Training and changing the way you work it has benefits. X Guide, with the support of the diagnosis and treatment planning software DTX Studio Suite, helps achieve a significant reduction in treatment times and allows a less invasive intervention. Both technologies have been developed by Nobel Biocare.

What does this mean? Among other aspects, it greatly reduces the need to perform bone grafts in cases where there is little bone mass to place the implants. The robot provides in real time a 3D guide of the position of the drill and the anatomy of the patient. In this way, as if it were a GPS system, it indicates to the surgeon, who has an extra help, the most suitable place to locate the implant, taking into account the volume of bone available. Consequently, the treatment has a shorter duration and makes the immediate placement of the dental pieces possible, since it is not necessary to wait for long processes of healing and consolidation of the implant.

With this, it also relieves the post-operative. They reduce the possible discomfort caused by any surgical intervention and the patient can return to normal beforehand with a fully functional mouth. It is even indicated for emergency treatment, since it allows to diagnose and treat a patient on the same day.

The use of the X Guide robot implies a new step in the digitalization of oral surgery processes, which is key to offer a modern and quality dentistry to patients. It offers new possibilities to the specialist at the time of diagnosing and executing the treatments.

And at the same time, thanks to greater precision and speed, contributes to more people can access to deal with their oral problems.

SMEs tend to believe that they are not capable of implementing technology as it is expensive in most ocassions. However, the benefits tend to be greater.

At HR for SMEs we love to show you examples of small and medium organisations where technology has changed the way they work. Sometimes your employees will need training. However, when you think about the problems in the short term, and the inconvenience caused by having to learn something, think about what would happen if you are not the first in your industry to do it. What will happen if your competitors do it first!

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