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Creative recruitment ideas that you could copy

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Doing a good recruitment process takes time to think about it, plan and execute. However, sometimes is difficult to attract people to your company when you are not getting enough CVs, or when the ones that you receive are not the ones you need. Creative recruitment can help with that.

Being an small or medium company is great! but sometimes it comes with limitations, like not being able to invest thousands in attracting the right candidate. It is true that there are great free job adevertising platforms outhere. Anyway, you are also competing with thousands of other companies who have the same issues as you do. How do you diferentiate yourself from the others?


Imagine that you posted your advert in a place like Indeed, where thousands of other job adverts are outhere. Yes, it is free… but how are you going to promote it to attract your candidates with something different? Being creative is always a plus. It doesn’t matter how much you are advertising or how much you say how fun your team is. If you are advertising with an standard job description… you are exactly the same as the others!

Ok, you might not be that creative… That is why we have gone out there and look for some ideas that you can copy. Ideas for social media, for the text on the advert, videos, etc… even the whole different experience.

Obviously you might not be able to do all these creative ideas for your recruitment, but it could give you some ideas to copy or to simulate applied to your business!


In order to shine when advertising on your social media, or your careers page, try to be creative with the design. It is as important as any other thing. In the end, if you are an small or medium company trying to recruit candidates that nerver heard of you before, you need to give a good first impression and for them to remember you when you call for an interview. Yes, sometimes they don’t remember and will say things like ” I apply to so many job posts that I don’t remember who you are…”

It is not the best response, but is real, and the worst thing is that if you don’t shine… it will be the same for them to work with you, or with your competitor. However, if the first impression you gave was good… they will remember!

How can you do it? There are thousands of posters on platforms like Pinterest where you can copy some of them or get ideas from their creativities to apply to your own business. The ones you have below are a selection that we have created in our own board. These are just a selection, but we are sure you can find thousands if you spend the afternoon looking for the right one for your creative recruitment.

If you have someone that designs inhouse, you can always ask them to do something for you and it will be more personalised. If not, just make some edits to the one that you prefer in our board and start your recruitment!


Not all of the ideas on this list might apply to you, and you might not be able to follow up on all of them. However, they could give you new options, and the most important thing, they will show you that recruitment is not just about posting an add and waiting for candidates to come to you.


We wanted to show you an example that you could simulate, or adapt to your own needs, budget and industry if you are looking to hire several roles at the same time or to create a “similar” material to your careers page.

SodaStream released a disruptive recruitment video campaign, “Join the Revolution”, aimed to attract extraordinary talent from around the globe to fill positions in 45 countries.

The fast-paced video highlights the company’s DNA and values throughout a series of comical exchanges between SodaStream CEO Daniel Birnbaum, Game of Thrones Star, Thor Bjornsson aka “The Mountain” and SodaStream employees.

Bjornsson who has previously collaborated with the company three times in the award-winning campaigns “Heavy Bubbles,” “Shame or Glory” and “No Planet, No Christmas,” all of which attack the global pollution epidemic that has been made worse by single-use plastic bottles.

“SodaStream is all about people and attracting extraordinary talent requires extraordinary methods,” explains Birnbaum. “No more piles of resumes for us.  The world is changing and just like we need to be creative in attracting our customers, we need to be super creative in attracting new talent.  We are looking for people who are courageous, creative, have a sense of urgency and are excited to make the world a better place.  We are growing fast and recruit only those people who can move mountains. People who think they have what it takes should reach out.  I have a job for them.”

Goldman Sachs’ different approach to recruitment

If this big corporation, which is known not exactly for being one of the funniest companies in the world, can change their approach to their recruitment process, you can also do it! What have they done??

They thought that they were not attracting the same volume of candidates, so they went to where their candidates are! on Spotify! yes, you read it well! they advertised on Spotify their vacancies. In that way, they were not just attracting candidates from the job boards platforms, but also from the places where they spend their free time.

Think about the places where you need to advertise in order to find them. Contact those platforms where your possible candidates spend more time and attract them in a different way.


If you have been on reddit at some point in your life, you know there is a place for everything. Find your channel and communicate with those who are your potential candidates. You will not be the only one. There are thousands of companies doing it already.


Ikea in Australia created a fantastic campaign and included them within their products, so all their clients had access to it. The results were apparently incredible

The Heineken approach

For sure, you are not going to fill an stadium with people just to hire someone. However, this is a good idea of CRAZY things that you could do in your niche or local market. Is there anything different about your company that you could use to do the recruitment a marketing and a candidate attraction tool??

If you haven’t seen this video, take a coffee and enjoy! This is one of the good ones 🙂

Obviously, you are not expected to be doing all these things as an SME. However, these examples prove that you can be creative and attract candidates in a very different way.

There are many other ways ot be creative, and of course, we are sure you can do it without having hollywood starts on them, but if you are going to copy, do it to something that is as great as this campaign.

Put your HR and Marketing minds to work together. We are sure they can come up with something really great!

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