The Controller will lead the digital transformation in companies

“The digital transformation is impacting fully on companies. Imposes the digital era oblige to introduce operational changes, but also affect the heart of companies: finance and management control. The figure of the controller is called to lead the necessary evolution to be competitive in the digital ecosystem”. This is the main Conclusion of the Controller Centricity Congress that brought together more than 250 professionals from leading companies Renew or Die. The second edition of the CCA Controller Centricity Congress, organized by the Global Chartered Controller Institute (GCCI), has issued this warning to companies highlighting the fundamental role of the figure of the controller in the inevitable process of digital transformation that they have to address.

The financial officer and analyst of the General Staff of the European Union, Sebastián Puig, has inaugurated the meeting emphasizing that “no government, company or citizen will be oblivious to the great trends that preside over our near future”.

These trends are outlined in a variation in the balances of global power, which will move to the Asian axis with China and India at the head; in the weakening of the world order due to the rise of bilateral agreements between countries; in a growth of the demography concentrated in the developing countries that will trigger the emigration to areas with more aged population and will foment the nationalisms, as it is already happening; in the competition for the planet’s natural resources; and in the continuity of the technological revolution at leaps and bounds. Puig draws an unpromising scenario that, however, also presents opportunities. And it encourages the controller to put the focus on monitoring these trends to take advantage of their challenges.

Corrective measures

Benigno Prieto, partner of Management Consulting of KPMG, has put the emphasis on the use of technology to quickly dispose of the results of the company’s projects and that the controller can correct the errors resulting from the constant change in the economic ecosystem. “It is a complex task,” he says, “but not impossible, in fact digital companies since its foundation operate under these criteria” and it is the path that will lead to the triumph of companies in this century.


Before the end of the day, the television chef Susi Díaz encouraged the audience to put into practice the key that has been the origin of their successful professional progression: innovation. The chef, deserving of a Michelin star in 2006 for her art at the head of the restaurant La Finca (Elche, Alicante) and that she has managed to preserve for more than a decade, considers that curiosity to learn new things and implement them in the Business is the attitude that should govern the actions of a good management controller.

Lola Lozano, general director of the organization that organizes this professional meeting to enhance the figure of the controller, agrees with the renowned chef in that “the success of organizations will come hand in hand with innovation and differentiation.” And concludes that “it will be responsibility of the management control area to champion this new scenario of digital transformation “.

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