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The 4th annual study of Digital Business done by MIT Sloan Management Review and Deloitte explains how organizations are beginning to make progress digitally. They explain how “Many established companies are beginning to take digital disruption more seriously and respond. If companies were waiting for competitors to act before responding, this shift suggests the time to act is now. “

The study shows that survey respondents, this year, say the pace of business; culture and mindset; and a flexible, distributed workplace are among the biggest differences between digital and traditional business. This means that companies need to change how to operate and how to prepare for the future.

One of the most relevant outcomes for this study is that Individuals report needing to continually develop their skills but say they get little to no support from their organization to do so. 90% of respondents indicated that they need to update their skills at least yearly due to the kind of work they do if they want to stay up to date. Unfortunately, only 34% of respondents say they are satisfied with the degree to which their organization supports ongoing training.

As this problem is common for big and small organisations, we wanted to make your life easier. If you are looking for a place where to increase your IT skills, we have prepared a list of online platforms where you or your employees can improve their skills on their own pace and level.

We have included in this lists all type of places, from online platforms that would help you to learn in a very interactive way without a relevant certificate to some who will be providing an online computer science degree, or a masters if that is what the student is looking for.

Career paths are very different for each individual. That is why we are lucky to have colleges and universities that offer computer science degree programs online, but also excellent platforms that help you with the problem solving needs that you may have on a particular moment.


Edureka is one of the most reputated online platforms for technical knowledge. They offer a variety of learning experiences, all certified, that goes from the short weekend course to a masters of 200 hours. From the very basics to the more advanced masters for those who are working with it already.

Their topics include amongst others, cloud computing, Data Science, Dev Ops, Big Data, BI, and programming. null

Linkedin learning

Linkedin has created an online learning platform offering its users to upgrade their skills. The good thing about this platform is that any user can access the platform for free one month while testing and then is only $29,99 per month, which you can cancel when not using it. They offer courses


Simplilearn focusses on IT courses such as Big Data, AI & Machine Learning , software development, Data Science, and also provides some certifications on project management like the PRINCE2.

Why are they different from the others. They give you a certification in all their courses, and you will have to do exercises and exams for all of them, the price difference will be in the model you decide to take. “Self-paced learning” or “Online Classroom Flexi Pass” and their projects are based on companies like Amazon, IBM, Uber, etc… so you can have real industry insights of how things work.

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Udemy of course, charge for some of their courses, but the also have some interesting courses for free. And they are really easy to follow.

Courses come from personal development to apps and game development. Providers vary from well known centres to freelancers who want to start their educational path. As they are open to everyone to post courses, they provide with user feedback so you can evaluate before doing the course.

“I have to learn to code this year” it’s becoming one of the new year resolutions for a lot of professionals as they realise is more needed as the time passes. You don’t have to be an expert, but it is fantastic to have the basics of certain languages.

The Code Academy

We have recently discovered it, but we are really enjoying our own lessons. Simple lessons with the basic concept and very clear about the languages they teach. We don’t believe you will become a “PRO”, as you need years of experience to become a “pro” in any given field, but you and your team will have some theory knowledge to begin with. I know a couple of really good developers who learned all the theory through the code academy, so, I feel very safe to recommend it if you want to learn everything about coding.

HTML, CSS, Java Script, Sass, Responsive design, JQuery, SQL, Ruby free courses to start building your knowledge foundation

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