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Recruitment is the first step of your relationship with a new employee. But is not only that, It is the art of finding the perfect match. Finding that professional who will help you to get where you want to be.

There are many different thigs to have in consideration when hiring new people, and we try to speak about all of them.

So on this category you will find:

  • All the steps of the process: From planning to what you need to consider and everything to do a perfect execution.
  • Examples of funny recruitments that other companies are doing. Maybe you can copy and implement some ideas in your company.
  • Our calculation of the cost of Recruitment. Not just money, but time. How much does it really cost your recruitment process and what things are you stopping due to recruitment.
  • Job boards where you can place your adverts
  • Comparison for different Applicant Tracking Systems that will help you when chosing
  • Places where to recruit freelancers and how to do it
  • Ways to attract better talent
  • Articles about Halo Effect
  • Employer branding
  • and last but not least, the end of recruitment… the onboarding process…
News Recruitment

GTCI 2019: Entrepreneurial skills are a key aspect for the competitiveness of nations and cities

Entrepreneurial skills have become a key differentiator in the relative competitiveness of talent, as it has prove that attract and creates more benefits and employment for the cities and countries with a higher base of entrepreneurs. Both, small and high-income economies continue to attract talent.

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