HR books for SME Owners

hr books for sme owners

HR for SMEs is a blog that helps Entrepeneurs to understand a little bit better what HR does. Even though we aim to provide as much information as possibe, there are certain books that could really help you. We intend to help SMEs to improve the efficiency of your organisations through a better management of your HR. We think these HR books for sme owners will help you.

Even though we will be giving you advice and write practical manuals about processes and procedures, we also want you to be aware of what it’s written out there, so you can have a better understanding of HR practices.

We have compiled a list of books that can be useful for every SME owner.


How Google works

We are not going to say a lot about it. This book is just something that you need to read. You don’t need to implement what they are doing, obviously. This book leaves you with an enthusiasm about doing everything better. We are sure things at google are not perfect, but, it is a good and relax read that could really help your company. A few ideas about employe engagement, recruitment and training. ENJOY!

First time Manager

This is a fantastic manual to go over when hiring your first employee. Being a manager is not as easy as giving instructions and you will need some help if you haven’t done it before. This is an easy reading for those of you coming to the difficult life of being a manager

HR for Small Business for Dummies – UK Edition

This is a practical book that will be able to help you as a first approach to HR and as a to do list on the things that you have to consider when creating a company and hiring employees for the first time.

 When Cultures Collide: Leading accross Cultures – 4th Edition

This is an irreverent book, with a very British humour that explains wonderfully why the world work like it does. How every culture is different and how that affect business.

Everyone working in business training or anyone willing to do international business should read this book.

Our personal recommendation: Read it with a perspective look, not from your nationality. wherever you were born, you could get offended. It doesn’t have to be true, but it is how the others see you, and that definetely affects how others speak and do business with you.

The Coaching Manual

The Coaching Manual

Coaching is becoming more and more relevant.  There are thousands of new personal and executive coaches that help you to achieve your objectives. We are not claiming anything against them as they can be highly relevant. If you have to select just one HR book it should be this one. It is not exactly about HR, but it will change things and avoid you problems. However, we want to emphasize that coaching is in our daily lives, not just when we meet with a “Coach”

It is a way of leading teams and to get closer with other people. This fantastic manual from Julie Starr helps the reader to afront conversations in a very different way. Helps you to learn how to make open questions and to get the information you need, not the one you want to hear or the one you believe to know. Does it ring the bell?

It is an essential manual to everyone who is leading a team or related to HR in someway.

The 4-Hour Work Week

the 4 hour work week

A Best seller that you have most probably heard off. Why are we including it on this list then?

Mainly because our obsession is that you learn how to use your Human Resources, that is your team, in the most effective way. With this in mind, this book speaks about how the most effective way of increasing your productivity is to delegate in your team.

How much does it cost your time? Even if you have read it already, we recommend you review it and make further notes!

Hello Laziness!

Hello Laziness!

It is one of those books that makes you laugh at the same time you keep highlighting and making notes, specially if you own a company or work in HR.

Attacks everything prestablished with some irony. Criticises big corporations and their complicated language that make very difficult the access to an external.

The author constantly repites how she asks her kids not to work for others. Why?

Maier explains it in this fantastic book. You can agree or not whith her thoughts. However, she provides a great perspective on big corporations and how to survive them.

The power of habit

the power of habits

Within the list of HR books for SME owners, this is an essential book for everyone that wishes to implement any change in their team. Specially if you want to see changes happening in the way that your team works.

It will not give you tricks or steps to follow to directly implement in your Company, but it will help you to better understand how change management works in a simple and entretaining way.

Make sure you let us know your thoughts on them and feel free to share any other books related to HR that could help Entrepeneurs

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