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Best freelance marketplaces 2020

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This artilce is a comprehensive review of the best freelance marketplaces online for 2020 so you can find what you are looking for without wasting time investigating it yourself and ending up not hiring the people that you need.

Jaclyn Lee, Chief HR Officer at the Singapure University of Technology and Design , in Singapoore explained in the last WOW HR global conference how the market is currently moving into a world full of contractors, gig workers and what she defined as the “Crowd” which she explained as a group of experts who do for your company just an small work on something that you really need and would under no circumstances need a full or part time collaborator or employee.

Under her perspective, that reduces many costs and it gives you freedom to have the skills you need.

If you are facing a peak of workload at your Small business and you are looking to hire new talent to help you with it,  this article may help you to find the right professional for you. Hiring an employee may not always be the best solution. You may need an expert for a particular task. Maybe you need someone who has extensive experience in online customer service and there is noone in your area. A freelancer may be the solution for your problem. A contractor that will do the job some hours per week, or a week project and leave. 

Small companies face constantly the challenge of having different phases of workload. Big corporations have big HR departments that analyse the yearly workload and propose solutions or bring a list of thousands of candidates who send their cv to them on yearly basis. 

That is fantastic for big corporations, but… how do you do it as an small business owner? 

Outsourcing some of those tasks that put you under stress. Instead of looking for someone cheap that could join you on a low price when you don’t know for how long you will need them. You can always decide to hire freelancers to do the job temporarily. 

Thousands of experts work for different clients in the same kind of task, so it makes them more effective and efficient. The good thing is that you can always hire them by task or by project and control your budget. They know already what they are doing and you only need to tell them what you need.

Key points to sucessfully outsource your tasks

  • Not everyone out there is that good. When hiring freelancers, follow the steps that you would do when hiring for an employee. If you don’t know about their area of knowledge, follow other’s rating and hire only those that have top ratings in these platforms. 
  • Do interviews, even if you do just 4, make sure that the person that you are hiring fully understand your requierements. We have seen many adverts and freelancers hired without any explanation. After that, the project is usually unsuccessful. It is important that you explain the outcome that you are expecting so they can understand before accepting whether if they would be able to do it properly and on time. 
  • Be aware they have other projects, so ask them about their current availability and when would they think they will be able to deliver (if it is a one time project). Then, you can decide based on that. 
  • Hire per hour, when you have at least a basic knowledge on the task. 
  • If you hire per hour, always ask them to register their hours with the screen shot systems that these platforms have.
  • Hire by project when you have a budget or when you have no idea about what the task entitle, e,g, developers.
  • If you hire by project, always put comprehensive and realistic deadlines to pay. If they don’t meet them, you can always justify not to pay them if it was not met. 
  • Create a good culture around having teams working remotely. Whether if they are freelancers or just a mix of employees and contractors. It will help to deliver projects successfully.

Key points to select the best freelance platform for your project

Most of these Freelance platforms have many different ways of rating freelancers, they sometimes focuss on an specific type of talent, some other focuss on the language,  but most of them are international and try to be open. Find those things that you need and select based on it. 

Type of freelancers platforms:

there are two type of platforms to hire freelancers. Platforms where you hire the freelancer through the platform or those where you just simply put the advert and then manage the relationship externally.


Upwork is if not the oldest, at least is one of the most important ones. Upwork bought odesk and bacame at least the biggest freelancer platform.

Nationalities: In Upwork you can find talent from every single part of the world

Specialities: ALL, you have professionals from Data Entry, developers, project managers, HR professionals, Finance assistants, virtual assistants and of course all the areas of marketing, from SEO to PPC.

How does upwork work: Upwork manages the relationship once you hire a freelancer. They have charge you every week for the hours done and a week after, they pay to the freelancer. We have not heard of anyone who ever had a problem with this. You create an account, place a job advert and receive proposals. You can create job offers paying by the hour, or per project. Chose well, as you will not be able to change it after the contract started.

How do I keep track of what freelancers do: Contracts per hour register a print screen of the freelancer every 10 minutes so you can see if they are doing things properly.

What to look for on upwork: Freelancers get reviewed after the end of each contract. Chose those freelancers who provide the best customer experience!

Does Upwork charge for their service? Not to you, but to the freelancers. Keep that in mind when analysing how much the freelancer will get in the end.

Fiverr :

Fiver is a similar platform to Upwork. However, it is meant to have a quicker use. Freelancers have specific projects like doing a logo, or building X amounts of links for your site, doing your remote working HR policy… employment contracts templates, posts for your blogs, etc…

It is thought to be used for quick and simple projects where all the freelancers specialised in a particular project.

How does fiverr work? You post a very specific project and receive proposals, or you can directly hire someone for any of their fixed price products. You can evaluate freelancers and select them based on their stars.

Nationalities: We have seen people from everywhere. The main language is English, but you can also chose filter based on this and speak to people in your own country if that is what you want.

Does Fiverr charge for their service? Once you select the provider, and before you pay them, they charge you a service fee

The picture below shows you an screenshoot of their blog writing first page.

how fiverr works

If you need a particular small project that you can not do internally, Fiverr is your platform.

Why we love it?

It has a more pragmatic use than the other sites. You can select the service, the budget and delivery time. So it means that you don’t have to be doing interviews, or speaking to people to do an small project.

We love a good recruitment process, but sometimes is just not needed, and FIVERR helps with that.


Freelancer works in a very similar way as Upwork or People per hour. You publish a project, receive candidates and look for the best match.

Freelancers get rated by clients and also have something extra that other platforms don’t have, they add a completed jobs rate. Some of the issues in other platforms, specially in certain areas like recruitment, is that projects start, but never get finished.

However, what really makes different and more complete Freelancer in relationship with the other 2 mentioned is that you can also do contests to hire the best offer.

How do the contest work at As with any other projects, you publish what you need. Publish your budget and then your budget. They usually indicate how many offers you are likely to receive, so you can have an idea before publishing.

This is great for projects like creating your logo, or ideas for an specific project that is not defined yet.

Once you select you favourite, you hire the freelance and start the collaboration or pay for the work that is already done!

The contest option is ideal for visual projects.

Skill tests: also has something that the rest of the platforms are loosing, skill tests. Freelancers can get certifications on specific tests that will help you analyse their skills before hiring.

People per hour: People per hour is a big platform with thousands of freelancers.

Nationalities: All. In our experience, we have seen them all.

How does People per hour work: It works in a very similar way to upwork. You post the role, you receive offers and hire them

Specialities: They have a wide variety of services offered. This, in comparison to People per hour have also writing and translation services as Upwork

How do I keep track of what freelancers do: As Upwork, freeup has a tracker that shows you what freelancers are doing.

Does Peopleperhour charge for their service? They have a similar structure to Upwork, but in the long term they are cheaper for the freelancer

Comparison to others: The service is closer to the one that upwork offers. However, the UX is not that good. The message and proposal area is not that user friendly

Freeup : Free up works a little bit different. They act as a recruiter for you.

Nationalities: Professionals from every country. However, we have to say that when we have used it personally, we have only found europeans and northamericans.

How does Free Up work: You send them a profile and they select within their freelancers the people who could match and who could be available for your proyect. As a recruitment agency, they only send you 3 profiles at a time. If you can not find what you are looking for, they will send you another 3.

Specialities: They have a wide variety of professions. However, they are specialised in Marketing. PPC, Google Adwords, SEO, designers, product listing or social media. You can also find bookeepers and virtual assistants. However, you will not be able to see all kind of developers or recruiters for example.

How do I keep track of what freelancers do: As Upwork, freeup has a tracker that shows you what freelancers are doing.

Does Freeup charge for their service? Again, they charge to freelancers a 15% of everything they receive. In this way, if you are looking for a long term relationship, freelancers ger more mony in upwork in the longer ter,

Comparison of freeup and upwork: Upwork gives you the option to chose and invite candidates and there are obviously a more freelancers. However, freeup specialises in giving you the best candidates.

Angel list We recently discovered this platform and it has been a fantastic discovery. It is similar to a job board, but is free, and it’s focused on remote jobs. Companies are mainly from the US as is where the platform was born. Their UX is not amazing, but not bad. is a very modest platform that is just starting. However, they promote their adverts very actively and it has really worked for us in the past. In order to publish an advert you have to send them a form and they publish it for you.

Other platforms that we have not used yet but also focus on freelancers:

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