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Our aim at HR for SMEs is not to only give you our point of view, but also to be able to give entrepreneurs the knowledge of a HR Manager so you can improve your internal processes and improve the results of your SME by doing Human Resources Management.

For that reason, we wanted to create a list with our favourite articles published in English about Onboarding processes and onboarding best practices to help your employees hit the ground running on their start date.

Best articles in English about the Onboarding process

  • We couldn’t start this list without mentioning our post about how to“Plan the perfect Onboarding”. A summary of the important steps that you can not miss from the recruitment process from the day 90 of your new employee.

  • Check lists: This post written by Kate Brandall gives the reader 5 fantastic checklist points that you can just copy and paste to have a guidance to your onboarding process.
  • How to get Employee Onboarding Right
    Maren Hogan, who is a marketer in the HR industry writes a very rounded article about the life of an entrepreneur and how Onboarding has proved to improve retention.

  • Extreme Onboarding: How to WOW Your New Hires Rather Than Numb Them. This article published on Linkedin Business by Dr. John Sullivan is a compilation of why an Onboarding process is important and how it can help your company. However, the reason why we include it here is because it provide practical examples of exercises that big corporations do, but SMEs could perfectly adapt to their day today.

  • We couldn’t write this list of recommendations without you seeing this video. It is about recruitment, but as we have said in some of our posts, Onboarding starts from the recruitment process and how the employee feels you care about them.

We will be adding more articles as we find them on the internet. Please feel free to contact us to send any other article that you may discover and we will review it.


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