Bad experiences in Onboarding

We recently discovered, on a published study, that 75% of employees didn’t feel happy about their own onboarding process.

They didn’t say about the other 25%, but some of them maybe happy only because of their low expectations, not because it was good.

And even if the whole 25% receive the proper onboarding process, that leaves us with only 25 people out of 100. that means that 75 employees in a company of 100 didn’t feel welcome, or learned about the company, with their objectives for the following three to nine months.

That means that 75 people of every 100 new employees of your tire will be looking for a new job without giving you the opportunity.

Horrible thought, eh?

But don’t even think this is only for small and medium companies. We know that there are plenty of list of the thinks to do to organise a good onboarding process. We did one ourselves. However, we also have seen that list of good habits and practices are good when you have the time to seat infront of you. However, bad examples stick to your mind and when you are doing something similar, you will try not to repeat it.

So, we have created a new section with examples of really bad onboarding processes for you not to repeat. Or at least to see that you are not the only one doing things not that well.

Enjoy the reading!

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