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Daniel Brinbaum - Sodastream

Doing a good recruitment process takes time to think about it, plan and execute. However, sometimes is difficult to attract people to your company when you are not getting enough CVs, or when the ones that you receive are not the ones you need.

Today we wanted to show you an example that you could simulate, or adapt to your own needs, budget and industry if you are looking to hire several roles at the same time or to create a “similar” material to your careers page.

SodaStream International Ltd released a disruptive recruitment video campaign, “Join the Revolution”, aimed to attract extraordinary talent from around the globe to fill positions in 45 countries.

The fast-paced video highlights the company’s DNA and values throughout a series of comical exchanges between SodaStream CEO Daniel Birnbaum, Game of Thrones Star, Thor Bjornsson aka “The Mountain” and SodaStream employees.

Bjornsson who has previously collaborated with the company three times in the award-winning campaigns “Heavy Bubbles,” “Shame or Glory” and “No Planet, No Christmas,” all of which attack the global pollution epidemic that has been made worse by single-use plastic bottles.

“SodaStream is all about people and attracting extraordinary talent requires extraordinary methods,” explains Birnbaum. “No more piles of resumes for us.  The world is changing and just like we need to be creative in attracting our customers, we need to be super creative in attracting new talent.  We are looking for people who are courageous, creative, have a sense of urgency and are excited to make the world a better place.  We are growing fast and recruit only those people who can move mountains. People who think they have what it takes should reach out.  I have a job for them.”

Shooting for the video campaign took place at SodaStream’s international headquarters and at its global manufacturing campus in Israel, and features real SodaStream employees.

“The amazing SodaStream employees I’ve met throughout our projects share a passion to make the world a better place.  It’s always exciting working with these guys and I’m looking forward to our next collaboration,”

Thor Bjornsson.

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