Abilityjobfair for a diverse recruitment

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We have written in many cases about the importance of investing in diversity . Also we wrote about how a fair recruitment is the key to retain your employees. Remote work could be something to implement in your company and produce great benefits.

Lately, we have discovered a platform that could help you with all this and we wanted to give them an space in our blog. ABILITY Job Fair (AJF) is the first dedicated face-to-face online platform. It helps the HR industry to boosts recruitment productivity with unmatched virtual career fair capabilities.

Ability Job Fair

AJF now offers AJF-SCORE to help companies to continue recruiting candidates through the live job fair experience remotely. In that way they maintain the normal workflow if your company works remotely. So far, if you wanted to hire remote people, most of them would be freelancers, so this is an advance!

So far, going to employment fairs would meant going to a particular place, spend the day there, and smile. SMILE all day long, even when your feet are killing you.

Using the technology for online face-to-face job fairs, will help you to do consecutive, video interviews with potential candidates, using your time more efficiently. By eliminating present interviews (which you should only really do on the final interviews) you will eliminate the times in between candidates.

How does it work? It offers a steady stream of candidates in queue waiting to speak with you. Live from their computer. The platform has been built with accessibility and ADA in mind. This technology breaks down communication barriers and meets EEO requirements.

Entrepeneurs’s opinions

Becky Copeland, CEO of VTCSecure, said “I’m thrilled to expand our partnership with ABILITY Job Fair to provide solutions for companies leveraging recruitment at a distance. We’ve seen powerful results with AJF already using our technology as they continue to build their talent pipeline even as travel restrictions are being felt around the world. With the success seen so far with our current customers, it’s going to be extremely rewarding to help companies learn about AJF-SCORE and remain engaged in their recruiting needs during this downturn.”

Virtual technology it is something that you will need to implement at some point. So if you are doing it, apart from using hangouts, skype or zoom, you could try finding more diverse candidates with this platform.

Fair technology for recruitment

AJF-SCORE’s accessible video-based technology includes:

  • Real time speech to text for people who have difficulty hearing.
  • Screen reader compatibility for people who are blind
  • SMS and document transfer capability
  • Sign language interpreter video connections for people who are deaf.
  • AJF-SCORE can provide sign language interpreters if companies do not have their own

It is not worth trying? We are sure many amazing developers (which is one of the most demanded talent right now) could be found through this platform.

Chet Cooper, co-founder of AJF, said “AJF-SCORE will provide an online solution for organizations looking to host fully interactive and accessible job fairs for individual corporate recruiting needs. Since we are accessible, it mitigates potential compliance and ADA concerns during career fairs. AJF worked with companies such as Google, US Secret Service, NIH, Waste Management, Facebook and Aetna, all choosing to lean into this advanced technology. We now are moving into a fully inclusive platform for companies to access this timely and useful platform.

If you are looking to improve your recruitment process, make sure you diversify where you place adverts. It will be extremely important that everyone with the right qualifications can access it.

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