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4 key steps to improve Talent Attraction at your SME

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In the era of BIG data and personalised ads, there is a fantastic opportunity to use these tools for HR purposes, specially when it comes to hiring, and moreover when attracting the right candidates. So we wanted to give you some key steps to improve talent attraction.

One of the big problems that Small and medium businesses face is that active candidates don’t look for you and passive candidates would be expecting a good counter-offer to leave their current roles.

The cost of hiring a new employee is high and you want to do it as quick and efficiently as possible.

So, how do we do it to attract in the shortest possible time all those good candidates?

Most recruitment agencies use a 4 steps structure for Talent Attraction, a methodology that can help you small or medium business to attract and hire top talent. Nothing is effort free. But these small tricks help.

It is wrongly thought that agencies don’t usually advertise as candidates are already on their databases. That is not true, unless we are talking about an specialised agency. In that case, yes, it is true, they have plenty of CVs that come to them and they don’t usually advertise much to get the perfect profile.

So, if you want to get the perfect candidate and attract them to your ad. How do we do that?

Using strategy, technology and some money to solve today’s toughest problems in candidate targeting and acquisition, applicant nurturing and engagement, employer branding, and effective sourcing, among others.

These for steps to improve talent attraction are:

  1. Programmatic Job Advertising, combining analytics  and job ad placements in the key job boards that apply to your sector. But the adverts that we would really recommend to publish and promote, are the ones on your site. Instead of spending 200 dollars on an advert outside, and only if you have already a recruitment database ( we will speak about this in another post, but you should have one from the first role you advertise) promote the advert on your careers page. Promote it through google ads and get hundreds of visitors to your site, adding traffic, but also you will be able to better target those candidates from your local area who are already looking for a similar job. With this, you can achieve superior ROI optimization on PPC and PPA media channels.
  2. Targeted Advertising presents job ads to a defined audience natively where they live and interact online and directs them towards relevant jobs. E,g, publish an ad on Linkedin, not a job, but a paid add to appear on the dashboard of everyone who matches what you are looking for.
  3. Brand Awareness Advertising uses influential media to increase the exposure of your employer brand to potential job seekers.
  4. Sourcing and Engagement identifies new leads, or engages passive candidates, and nurtures them into the apply process. This takes a lot of time, but it can help you in the long term to spend some time contacting people that could be a good candidate for you in the future.

These options obviously take more time than publishing a job ad on linkedin, but it will give you only the candidates you want, reducing the time reading cvs that don’t have anything to do with what you want, it will bring more traffic to your site, it will create brand awareness and it will cost you probably less.

Decide your recruiting budget and speak to the person doing online marketing at your company, if is not you, and they will be happy to hear about these options.

I hope this was useful.

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