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3 Ways to Improve Your Recruitment Marketing

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In today’s candidate-driven job market, filling open positions with skilled employees is quite a demanding task. Therefore, finding ways to improve your recruitment marketing and therefore, the attraction to top quality candidates is essential. The reason for this, is thatthe top talent now has countless job opportunities to choose from, now even in different countries with the increase of remote working. The candidates prefer to go with the option that attracts them in terms of growth, salary package and personal development.

Therefore, the way of proceeding with the recruitment will determine the quality of talent you are attracting. There are many free ways of attracting candidates and placing adverts to increase your database. This is fantastic when you don’t have the budget, but there are always recruitment processes where you need a well-rounded recruitment marketing strategy to inspire the applicants to choose you over other competitors in the industry.

And so, you need to stand out from the rest of the community to get the best team at work. Moreover, you need to convince the candidates that you are a recognizable company but with the right information, creating an amazing image of what it would be working with you. Note that any incorrect information can result in you losing a valuable fit for the position.

So, here we are to help you polish your recruitment marketing skills in order to form a passionate team that wants to work with you.

How to attract the right candidates and a bunch of potential lovers of your brand

Social Media

Social media is a great platform where people share ideas and interact with each other. According to the latest survey, it has been reported that there are 4.20 billion social media users around the world. Imagine marketing yourself on platforms where there is 53% of the total world population present already! Therefore, this must be the focal point of all recruiters to get into the sight of the candidates who might be willing to work with you.

Sites like LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook and many more offer an array of opportunities to the recruiters to connect with their candidates. Some of these skilled candidates may never be sourced through traditional ways. It’s not like you makes an account on these platforms and disappear thinking the work is done. As an example, you can easily target different cities within the UK or abroad from social media with possible post targeting HR jobs in Bristol instead of just the HR demographic in general.

Recruiters need to make sure that they are developing a strategy while getting started. As you begin marketing on social media, make sure you are engaging the right people. The right way to target audience on LinkedIn is by keeping the profile active by posting informative content regularly and using hashtags. For instance, #jobopenings etc.

Moreover, use social media to promote your work culture to attract candidates organically. Since people look forward to working with companies with a good working environment, your content is likely to get shared on various other platforms. Also, keep an eye on niche networks like GitHub and StackOverflow, where business developers often exchange knowledge.

Therefore, create a strong online brand page and put all the necessary info so the job searchers can find job openings and know about the organization.


In the last few years, there has been a massive surge in the number of people listening to interesting HR podcasts. They listen to it while travelling, working, etc. So, making podcasts to the target audience can be an ideal way to find talents. It is believed that podcast listeners are the most engaged and loyal audiences ever. Moreover, there is a podcast available targeting audience from unique niches, demographics, and psychographics.

So, if you cannot find ways to market your recruitment, podcasts can be your go-to technique. Create a podcast and pack it with relevant and thought-provoking content about your industry. Giving them valuable insight into the company will widen the audience and engage potential candidates. Platforms like Spotify have made it even easier to upload and deliver podcasts to people all around the world interested in your industry.

So, what must you include in the podcast?

First of all, relevant information. Remember, your recordings are intended to target candidates who might be working with you in future. Tell them about your journey, how you succeeded, what all failures did you confront. Moreover, engage them in storytelling.

Besides, host chats with your employees and talk about their experience. This will surely make an exciting episode for the podcast, and listeners will get a real insight into what helps within the organization. Lastly, keep the podcasts concise and info centered, so the listeners remain hooked.


As a matter of fact, it isn’t easy to promote anything without content. And one of the easiest and fastest way to create content to market your recruitment is by blogging. This will help you generate awareness about your brand and eventually attract top talent. You may not know this, but there certainly is some audience that visits your page often. Through blogging, you can convert those website visitors into applicants and maybe, employees!

Besides, most of us have a wrong notion that blogging is just about putting out the news. Recruiters can deliver all the useful information about the industry. Furthermore, this will indirectly engage the candidate, and you may become an industry-leading online presence in your sector.

Imagine writing quality recruitment blog posts for your website and social media pages that depict how great is it to work with a reputed organization like yours! You are likely to receive many applications.

So, what all can you include in your blogs? First of all, understand what the core motive of your blog is. Once you know this, you will be able to frame your strategy to achieve the goals. You also need to decide who your target audience is and what is the best tone to convey the details to them. We recommend you maintain a balance between the casual and professional tone.

On a Parting Note

We hope you have thoroughly visited each of these tactics and strategized how you are going to market the recruitment. Employer branding is one of the most imporant aspects of building a solid recruitment pipeline for the future and for today’s vacancies at your company. If these 3 tactics were not enough, you can always some of these creative recruitment ideas that you can copy from other companies. Moreover, these tricks will be beneficial only when the company is focused and goal oriented.

Lastly, share all your achievement stories and experiences in the industry on your social media, podcasts and blogs. Who knows your next employee is an avid reader and listeners of your posts?

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